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Past Events

Actions speak louder than words. To best demonstrate the value of the service we provide, here are a few examples in which MAGNUS clients received superior assistance:


Tsunami // Sri-Lanka 2004

In 2004, the coasts of Sri-Lanka were hit by a major tsunami, taking the toll of 23,500 lives. Once news of the disaster had arrived, the MAGNUS Search & Rescue Team assembled their gear and got on the first available flight to Colombo, Sri-Lanka. With the help of our local contacts in Sri-Lanka, the rescue team arrived at the scene with a Sri-Lankan military helicopter and rescued all 14 people that had MAGNUS' services coverage. During the entire rescue operation, the MAGNUS Operational Desk maintained close contact with the families of the victims as well as insurance companies.


Earthquake // New-Zealand 2011

An earthquake hit Christchurch on February 2011, registering 6.3 on the Richter Scale. The earthquake struck the Canterbury Region in Southern New Zealand, taking the lives of 185 people and ranking as the nation's fifth-deadliest disaster. Three MAGNUS clients staying in the area were reported missing. The MAGNUS team arrived at the scene and joined local authorities in the search efforts. Not long after that the three were found.


Earthquake // Nepal 2015

In February 2015, a powerful earthquake hit Nepal, registering as the worst natural disaster to strike the country in the past 80 years. Damage was extensive, and the number of causalities was immense, resulting in local authorities declaring a state of emergency. MAGNUS Rescue Teams deployed instantly. While all helicopters were nationalized, MAGNUS managed to secure exclusive usage of a military helicopter, and thus successfully rescued all MAGNUS clients that were trapped in different locations across the country.


MAGNUS holds an uncompromising standard of excellence in the field of traveler safety, security, and emergency assistance. The MAGNUS teams are constantly working to provide our clients with professional assistance, whenever, wherever.