Search and Rescue

For the past 25 years, we have performed thousands of successful field, maritime, and urban rescues all over the world. During these years of operation, we have gained immense experience working in diverse environments and under extreme conditions. The unique methodology we developed, our advanced technology, our global contact network, and our experienced team allow us time after time to succeed where others have failed.



As a technology driven company, we use the most advanced tools available on the market in order to deliver rapid assistance to our clients.  The use of autonomous drones, advanced satellite imagery analytics, AI software, and cellular tracking has proved to have dramatic impacts on the speed and efficiency of our rescue operations.



The unique methodology we developed is founded on years of operational experience. By incorporating search & rescue techniques with methods used by Special Forces and intelligence organizations, we put a greater emphasis on technology, research and analysis to conduct intelligence-based operations. This method proved itself time and time again over thousands of rescues, succeeding where traditional rescue teams have failed.



Our in-house rescue teams have been working together for the past two decades and have performed innumerable rescue operations together. Each member of the team is a professional rescuer that specializes in specific rescue techniques, allowing the team as a whole to provide versatile solutions to complex rescue missions.


Global Contact Network

During our 25 years of operations, we have carefully cultivated a global assistance network unlike any other. Our contacts range anywhere from the Park Ranger at Mount Kenya to high ranking government officials. Our international contacts extend our global reach and allow us to provide quicker, more accurate assistance, truly anywhere in the world.