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MAGNUS Keeps You Connected

As the majority of Earth lacks cellular coverage, MAGNUS provides affordable satellite communications services to help people and businesses travel safely and keep in touch with the people most important to them. 

The MAGNUS Satellite Messenger 

Our devices enable you to easily communicate and share your location with anyone no matter where you are. Operating on the Iridium satellite network, our devices cover 100% of the Earth's surface, and are directly linked to the MAGNUS Emergency Center, manned by emergency care doctors and rescue coordination experts. 


The device includes a built-in S.O.S button that sends an immediate alert directly to our Emergency Center that will respond instantly to provide rapid assistance anywhere in the world.

Be part of our global network

MAGNUS Satellite communication devices are available in key points worldwide through our distributor network.

Whether you own or operate a business related to adventure tourism, incorporating our services and devices into your business will show your clients that safety comes first. In addition, due to the proven high demand of the device, acting as one of MAGNUS’ distributors will likely yield significant returns.


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