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Special Services

Missing Persons

Locating missing people abroad is one of our principal occupations. Throughout our years of operations, we developed a unique approach that relies on intelligence investigation methods developed in the Israeli special forces and intelligence agencies. Our Special Investigations Team, together with our Emergency Center and Global Assistance Network, combine field and intelligence investigation methods to locate and retrieve missing people as fast and as securely as possible.

Kidnapping & Ransom

Kidnapping, ransom, and extortion cases are highly sensitive situations with no room for error, requiring an immediate response and a highly experienced team.
The head of MAGNUS's Kidnap & Negotiations division is a former combatant of an Israeli intelligence agency, with years of operational experience in the field. The division consists of 15 internationally based field operatives from different nationalities, all of which are former combatants of the major worldwide intelligence agencies. In addition to its team of experts, our network of strategic alliances can provide valuable assistance in times of need.

Psychiatric Repatriation

While travelling abroad, young people in particular are susceptible to the influence of drugs, alcohol and social anxiety that may lead to a state of psychosis.
Psychosis is an abnormal mental condition that may result in detachment from reality, anxiety, and hallucinations. While not being a permanent condition, if gone untreated, Psychosis can develop into serious mental conditions.
Our Psychiatric Repatriation department has returned hundreds of young travelers suffering from Psychosis as a result of drug abuse and anxiety to their home countries and families.

The psychiatric repatriation process is sensitive and complex. After receiving a request for psychiatric repatriation our intelligence desk operates to find the exact location of the person in need, which in many instances is initially unknown. We then send a team to the location, including a psychiatrist, to find the person in need and to return them home safely.
It is important to note that the rehabilitation process from Psychosis is long and difficult. Though our unique Psychiatric Repatriation service has proved itself time and time again, it is only the first step in a long process.