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Supportive Services

Disaster Management

Professional assistance, capable teams, and specialized technology are required to maximize positive outcomes during natural disasters, multi-casualty events and large-scale search missions. There is no room for error.

MAGNUS provides assistance before, during, and after such events with the primary objective being the security of the people at risk. 

Our team has and always will go the extra mile to be there for our clients when they need us most. 


We provide in-depth research, risk analysis reports, and professional consultation to identify risk factors, develop a preemptive approach and build effective emergency response strategies.


Professional staff training, suitable equipment and clear emergency protocols are key components in maximizing positive outcomes. MAGNUS provides the technology and guidance to make sure your team is properly prepared. 


The MAGNUS Emergency Center, deployable rescue teams and global assistance network are always available and are quick to respond. Your safety is our top priority.


Aerial Drones

In collaboration with ALTA, The MAGNUS rescue teams use a wide variety of specialized drones in wilderness search missions. 

The drones are equipped with high-resolution cameras and are specially designed to systematically scan vast areas quickly and efficiently. 

The use of drones saves valuable time and provides rescue teams with visual access to otherwise unreachable areas. 



Terrain Analysis

MAGNUS, in collaboration with ISI, provides satellite imagery based on EROS very high-resolution satellites with services that span on-going satellite tasking and premium real time exclusive reporting, tailored to your specific challenges and points of interest.

Satellite imaging is an essential capability before, during, and after an emergency. High-quality images combined with professional terrain analysis gives an insightful view of disaster-stricken areas, potential risks, and topographical changes.


In addition, analyzing large GIS databases provides valuable insights while assessing risk factors, threats, and defining high-risk geographical areas. For example, GIS data allows us to foresee which areas are most likely to suffer extensive damage during a flood or an earthquake.


Canine Department

In collaboration with The Rescue Cooperative, MAGNUS utilizes Search Dogs in complex urban and wilderness search missions. 

Search and Rescue Dogs work with their handlers, team, and emergency personnel to find and recover people under extreme conditions. Utilizing scent, these highly trained dogs can cover and clear vast amounts of terrain quickly, thoroughly, and effectively.


MAGNUS deploys dog teams quickly and independently of other search resources, making them a highly effective first response team.