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MAGNUS Elite is our premium service for businesses and organizations that operate internationally or in remote, high-risk environments.

We provide fully customized risk analysis reports and comprehensive emergency assistance services for those who are interested in protecting their clients, personnel & assets worldwide.
The service is adapted personally to each client and their unique circumstances and needs, with the primary objective being to maximize the security of the individuals at risk.


Why You Need Us

Duty of Care

Helping your organization maintain its legal obligations toward its employees, volunteers, and other personnel under its responsibility by taking active steps in assuring their safety & security.

Keeping Your People Safe

We work closely with your organization to make sure that every single person could be located and accounted for even in a state of emergency, allowing your employees and their families at home to sleep soundly.

Minimize Interruptions

After thoroughly understanding your operation, we build a strong assistance network that is effective not only for resolving major emergencies, but also small ones that interrupt your business routine.

Our Solutions

Solution Engineering

We believe that there are no generic solutions. By working closely with our clients, we form a deep comprehension of the challenges they face which in turn allows us to provide them with tailor made solutions. The combination of highly-advanced technology and military intelligence techniques allow us to take preemptive action, prepare, and support our clients with surgical precision, keeping in mind the risks and scenarios most relevant to them whether it is natural disasters, security threats, or other accidents.


We provide valuable information and practical insights that help our clients prepare themselves and their team to manage difficult situations, providing critical understandings in the process.

Emergency Assistance

Over the past 25 years we have handled thousands of emergency situations all around the world and we are available 24/7 to provide our clients with rapid assistance whenever, wherever. Our Emergency Center, manned by critical care doctors, risk intelligence analysts, and rescue coordination experts, together with our global assistance network and professional rescue teams will provide you true freedom to operate anywhere on the globe.