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MAGNUS assists governments and large-scale organizations to set increasingly high standards in the fields of disaster management, emergency evacuation, and staff proficiency by combing a wealth of experience, advanced technology and a methodological approach.

We work together with our clients to achieve a desired standard of expertise and to assure that they are prepared and capable of managing the next critical situation they encounter.


Why you need us

Duty of care

Governments and large-scale organizations undertake extensive legal obligations regarding the safety and well-being of the people under their responsibility. MAGNUS experts evaluate and improve the measures taken by such organizations to ensure they fulfil their legal duties towards their personnel. 

Improve Organizational Capabilities

Well trained emergency teams, operating under strict protocols, are guaranteed to perform better under pressure and in real-life emergencies. MAGNUS offers a wide variety of staff training programs related to search & rescue techniques, primary medical care, disaster management and more.

Maintain Competence

Regular training and large-scale drills are the only way to maintain the high level of competence required by emergency teams. By evaluating the organization's potential weakness and probable emergency scenarios, MAGNUS designs life-like drills to test organizational preparedness. 

Such drills, together with our systematic debriefing process, provides valuable information and action items for improvement.

Emergency Assistance

With a wealth of knowledge, years of operational experience, and advanced technology, the MAGNUS Team provides organizations with comprehensive assistance in managing emergency situations including consultation, technological support and deployment of rescue teams.



Contact us to learn more about our services and to understand how your organization can achieve higher safety standards, improve emergency team capabilities, and assure optimal performance in complex emergency situations.