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MAGNUS International Search & Rescue is a comprehensive emergency management and on-ground search & rescue service provider with over 25 years of experience. We provide insurance companies, independent travelers, and international organizations with a wide variety of solutions for the inherent risks and challenges of a global lifestyle. Specializing in remote, high-risk areas, we combine our team's unique capabilities together with our global contact network to provide emergency assistance wherever, whenever. We rely on in-depth intelligence, advanced technology, and highly-qualified personnel to assure the well-being of our clients.


Added Value

Unique Methodology

The unique methodology we developed is based on years of operational experience. By combining our knowledge of search and rescue techniques with the methods of intelligence organizations, we deliver quality results by putting a great emphasis on research and preparation.


Global Network

During our 25 years of operations, we have carefully cultivated a global assistance network unlike any other. Our contacts include high ranking government officials, search and rescue units, private hospitals, helicopter operators and medical emergency teams, in addition to local contacts in remote locations worldwide. Using these contacts in combination with our team's abilities gives us unmatched global coverage and effectiveness in resolving emergency situations.  


Quality Personnel

Our team is made up of highly qualified, competent professionals, with years of operational experience in their respective fields. We employ both Israeli and multinational operational teams for maximum versatility.


Advanced Technology

As a technology driven company, we use the most advanced tools available in order to deliver quality results. The use of autonomous drones, advanced satellite imagery analytics, AI software, and cellular tracking has proved to have dramatic impacts on the quality and efficiency of our operations.